Paul’s Piercings

“Almost Painless”



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Surrey Store

10494  Whalley Boulevard

Surrey, B.C.










Office    10492   Whalley Boulevard

Phone: 604-583-7972


The office is beside the Surrey store 

    At Paul’s we carry a very broad range of jewelry suitable for all piercings.  We carry titanium, 14 and 18 karat yellow gold and nickel free 18 karat white gold and some platinum.  We have stainless steel in large gauges .  We also have a selection of ear plugs in buffalo, wood, bone, acrylic, glass, titanium and stainless.  Because of the danger of nickel allergies we rarely use Surgical Stainless as it is approximately 12% nickel.  We also carry diamond studs in a range of sizes for noses and ears.