Text Box: Paul’s Piercings

“Almost Painless”


Below are the regular prices for piercings with the lowest cost jewelry we have.  We have a very wide selection and you can always choose something else.  These prices do not include taxes.   Highlighted prices are sale prices and will receive no further discounts.

Bridge       $75                                          Fourchette   $75

Eyebrow   $75                                                 Prince Albert   $85

Nose           $75                                             Guiche              $75

Lip              $75                                                 Scrotum          $75

Monroe      $75                                        Frenum           $75

 Ear Lobe    $75                                               Shaft                $75

2 Ear Lobes  $150                                          Ampallang      $80

Ear Cartilage  $75                                       Appradravya   $80

Mouth Webs  $75                                   Divers              $80+$30 for each additional diver

Tongue     $75                                           Christina         $75

Nipple      $75                                           Labret             $75

2 Nipples  $150                                         Labia               $75

Navel       $75                                            Clitoral Hood  $75

Industrial $80                                                                 








To contact us:


Surrey Store

10494  Whalley Boulevard

Surrey, B.C.










Office    10492   Whalley Boulevard

Phone: 604-583-7972

E-mail: staff@paulspiercings.ca

The office is beside the Surrey store 

     At Paul’s we generally charge $50 for any piercing with the purchase of jewelry for the piercing.  If the customer brings their own jewelry we charge $65 for the piercing but the jewelry must be appropriate for the piercing. 

         With our 18kt white gold diamond studs piercings are free.

     Basic jewelry starts at $25 for titanium captive bead rings and $25 for titanium barbells, circular barbells and labrets.   Yellow gold rings in 14kt start at $55 and 18kt white gold rings start at$75.  14kt yellow gold ear studs with cubic zirconium start at $50 a pair.