Text Box: Paul’s Piercings

“Almost Painless”


Below are the prices for piercings with the lowest cost jewelry we have.  We have a very wide selection and you can always choose something else.  These prices do not include taxes.   Highlighted prices are sale prices and will receive no further discounts.

Bridge       $75                                          Fourchette   $75

Eyebrow   $75                                                 Prince Albert   $85

Nose           $75                                             Guiche              $75

Lip              $75                                                 Scrotum          $75

Monroe      $75                                        Frenum           $75

 Ear Lobe    $75                                               Shaft                $75

2 Ear Lobes  $150                                          Ampallang      $60

Ear Cartilage  $75                                       Appradravya   $60

Mouth Webs  $75                                   Divers              $80+$30 for each additional diver

Tongue     $75                                           Christina         $75

Nipple      $75                                           Labret             $75

2 Nipples  $150                                         Labia               $75

Navel       $75                                            Clitoral Hood  $75

Industrial $80                                                                 








To contact us:


Surrey Store

10494  Whalley Boulevard

Surrey, B.C.










Office    10492   Whalley Boulevard

Phone: 604-583-7972

E-mail: staff@paulspiercings.ca

The office is beside the Surrey store 

     At Paul’s we generally charge $35 for any piercing with the purchase of jewelry for the piercing.  If the customer brings their own jewelry we charge $40 for the piercing but the jewelry must be appropriate for the piercing. 

      Of course exceptions exist.  For ear lobes we have a special, we will pierce them $40 for one ,$60 for two.  This price includes basic jewelry.  Either titanium studs, captive bead rings or circular barbells are available to choose.  Of course there are exceptions.  For our gold studs with cubics we do ear lobe piercings for $25  with the purchase of the gold studs.  With our 18kt white gold diamond studs piercings are free.

     Basic jewelry starts at$16 for titanium captive bead rings and $20 for titanium barbells, circular barbells and labrets.   Yellow gold rings in 14kt start at $40 and 18kt white gold rings start at$70.