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Text Box:      Aftercare begins right after the piercing has been done and needs to be done for weeks and months depending on what was pierced.  Aftercare is critical for good healing and for your health and safety must be carefully done.
     Except for tongue piercings,  cleaning a piercing is done in the same manner. First the hands are thoroughly washed with soap and water.  Then the piercing is inspected and if any crust or scabbing is present it is carefully removed.  Then a small amount of cleaning solution is worked into the piercing until the piercing moves freely back and forth.  The area around the piercing can now be cleaned up with paper towel if needed.  If there is redness a small amount of anti bacterial cream could be worked into the piercing at this time.  However if an infection is suspected we recommend see a doctor as infections can have serious consequences.  
     For all piercings there should be no contact from other persons.
     For tongues we recommend rinsing with original Listerine after every time you eat and after any time you bring unwashed hands to your mouth or contaminate in any other fashion.
   With all piercings no one else should touch them or contaminate them with their body fluids.
 For genital piercings condoms should be worn for sex, toys should be either covered with a condom or washed thoroughly with rubbing alcohol and again, no oral contact.
     Swimming is fine after receiving a piercing, but we recommend avoiding hot tubs for two months and that the piercing be cleaned after swimming in any water.
Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.
Text Box: Text Box: “ Aftercare is critical for good healing”