Paul’s Piercings

“Almost Painless”









Pauls Piercings is a full service body piercing company with one retail location in Surrey. 

Paul’s Piercings endeavors to provide quality service and quality piercings with high quality jewelry at a reasonable price.  In an effort to do this we use premium titanium jewelry and gold jewelry.

In operation for over 18 years Paul’s Piercings is owned and operated by Paul Matsi.  Paul has been a professional piercer for over 26 years.



Text Box: Surrey Store
10494  Whalley Boulevard
Surrey, British Columbia
V3T 4H5  604-583-7972


10492  Whalley Boulevard
Surrey, British Columbia
V3T 4H5  604-583-4731

Text Box:  $45 Nose Piercings
   Get your nose piercing
for $45 plus taxes.  This includes piercing and a titanium ring . 
With titanium studs starting at $50.
White and yellow gold available at higher cost 
Until February 14

“ almost painless”

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